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Any successful company begins with the idea. The idea of ZDRAVO Company began with the desire to make international pharmaceutical brands affordable to the Ukrainian market.


All medicines of our portfolio were selected according to the principle of good alternativeness, which means that each medicine shall correspond to three criteria:


innovation — new formulas, treatment strategies and schemes for health improvement;


safety — absences of side effects or their minimized impact if any are available;


sociality — quick recovery and preservation of life quality after acute health issues.


It is the principle of sound alternative that began to earn our reputation as the company seeking sound partnership and enjoying the trust of 70,000 doctors and pharmaceutists throughout Ukraine. Such large amount of specialist audience who trust us is the real capital of ZDRAVO. And it is the capital which, in combination with the professional skills of our team to engage with every particular doctor, ensures that a medication should have good profitability already in its second year in the market.


By the end of 2009 we measured the development dynamics of ZDRAVO Company in the first million in sales turnover for every product. Since January 2010 we measure it in the number of business units (BU). At the present moment there are already five such divisions:


2006 — RX BU


2009 — Geropharm BU


2010 — Immunology BU


2012 — Heaco BU (medical equipment)


2012 — Polisan BU


Service, face-to-face marketing, flexibility, and innovations – these are the strong points that help ZDRAVO Company to press forward in spite of all economic difficulties.